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RQRI are an independent international certification registrar. We are a leading international registrar for management system certification, technical inspection services, product certification and personal training. We provide management system certifications and product certification.
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21 September 2011
Standards "a vital component of growth", says Indian Minister at opening of ISO’s 34th General Assembly

21 September 2011
Pascal Lamy cites "vital relationship" between WTO and ISO

15 September 2011
ISO's sustainability path from Earth Summit to Rio+20

14 September 2011
ISO publishes Six Sigma performance-improvement methodology

7 September 2011
ISO and Global Reporting Initiative increase cooperation on sustainable development

6 September 2011
W3C Web services standards approved as ISO/IEC International Standards

1 September 2011
How International Standards create global confidence highlighted by ISO’s magazine

11 August 2011
Is your biometric data safe online? ISO/IEC standard ensures security and privacy

9 August 2011
ISO's fine-tuned formula for successful standards revealed in ISO magazine

2 August 2011
Are information security risks threatening your business? New and improved ISO/IEC 27005 standard beefs up protection

26 July 2011
Early ISO 50001 adopters report major gains through energy management standard

25 July 2011
ISO financial services standard wins industry support six months ahead of publication

21 July 2011
New ISO standard aims to build confidence in the global carbon market

19 July 2011
New ISO standard improves protective clothing for agricultural farmers and workers using pesticides

13 July 2011
10 good things ISO standards do for SMEs

11 July 2011
ISO's bold, unusual and innovative 2010 Annual Report focuses on people

6 July 2011
ISO strengthens cooperation with World Organization for Animal Health

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